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      "Don't you find it hard work to march at routstep with your guns at a carry?" he said insinuatingly. "No need o' doin' that except on parade or drill. Right-shoulder-shift or arms-at-will is the thing when you're on the road."After roll-call Si got a hatchet from one of the boys and chopped his and Shorty's shoes out. The overcoats were left for subsequent effort, for the first thing was to get some wood and water and cook breakfast.31

      "Stop beatin' them mules over the head," shouted Si, as they came up. Not that he cared a fig about the mules, but that he wanted to "jump" somebody.

      "No. The bullet jest scraped the bone. He'll be likely to have a stitch in his side for awhile, but he's a very peart man, and won't mind that. I'm s'prised he didn't lay your pardner out. He's the best shot in our company."

      Then near at hand a strong, clear, musical tenor voice took up the second line,

      And the teamster pranced out and brandished his blacksnake whip menacingly."Now, all git on," said Shorty. "Be careful not to push it away."


      "'It's lucky for you that you wrote it just as I told you. I'd 'a' broke every bone in your body if you hadn't.'



      "Resemble this, Si?" asked Shorty, who was pawing around in his shrunken haversack, as he produced two dingy crackers and a handful of pieces, discolored by contact with the coffee and meat during the days of marching in the rain."Where do you men belong? What have you got in that wagon? Where are you going?" demanded the Provost officer in the road.