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      She cared so little for money, and her dress, her [69] entertainments and requirements were so simple, that she let him spend all she earned; whilst her occupations, professional and social, were so engrossing, and her life so full of interest, excitement, and enjoyment, that she was content to make the best of things and let her husband go his way, while she followed her own career among the friends and pursuits she loved.

      Robespierre is dead! Notre Dame de ThermidorEnd of the TerrorThe prisons openDecline of Talliens powerBarrasNapoleonNotre Dame de Septembre!M. OuvrardSeparates from TallienHe goes to EgyptConsul in SpainDies in ParisTrzia stays in ParisIngratitude of some she had savedMarries the Prince de ChimayConclusion.

      Monsieur, you have killed your brother.

      M. de Sillery, M. Ducrest, and the Duc de Chartres went with them to the frontier of Belgium; and they arrived safely at Tournay, where they were followed by Lord Edward Fitzgerald, who was eager to marry Pamela. And now, as before, he was the successful rival of Sheridan, whom [435] she threw over for his sake. They were married at Tournay and departed to England, where she was received with great kindness by his family.

      "You used to write me such good letters, dearest, so full of detail, that I knew exactly how your days were spent, and could picture every hour of your life: but of late your descriptive powers have flagged. I dare say you got tired of writing long letters to a dull old fellow in India, who could never write you a clever letter in reply. It must have seemed a one-sided business?""My dear one, you are looking very ill," he said, with an anxious air.