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      The singer approached, and Callippides heart throbbed faster.Loud exulting shouts from the Cychreans hailed his words.

      The man offered no resistance, for he had heard of Esmeralda; and if he had not, there was something in her flashing eyes, and her lips, set resolutely, which would have inspired him with a wholesome fear.

      That is right, he said, approvingly. Belfayre has been quiet too long; it is only fitting that we should be hospitable, and on a large scale. I hope I shall be well enough to be at dinner. In any case, I shall come into the drawing-room afterward, if only to see you, my dear. By the way, you know that I have given instructions to the surveyors to begin the Bay plans?And which had been captured when the city fell? That boat was now lying off Callender House! Did Anna not know that her shattered home, so long merely the headquarters of a blue brigade, had lately become of large, though very quiet, importance as a rendezvous of big generals who by starlight paced its overgrown garden alleys debating and planning something of great moment? Doctor Sevier had found that out and had charged Victorine to tell it with all secrecy to the biggest general in Mobile the instant she should reach there. For she was to go by that despatch-boat.

      Thats so, said Simon, with the phlegm of his kind. But what does this mean? and he looked curiously from Trafford to Howard."Israel!" she laughed, "why do you enter--?"

      Anna laughed the discussion down: "Come, dear, come! the whole thing opens to me clear and wide!"The horse had scarcely allowed itself to be caught when Byssa, with tears in her eyes and a peculiar solemnity of manner, turned to the old servant and pointed to the animals heaving flank.

      "No," carelessly said the slender beauty, and exchanged happy signals with the Callenders.Out in the hall the front door opened and closed and a sabre clinked: "Is Miss Callender at home?"


      "Steve," he said, as the Mandeville pair pressed up, "look at that! boots-and-saddles! now! to-night! for you and Adolphe and me! Yes, Charlie, and you; go, get your things and put Jerry on the train with mine."All eyes turned to the sparkle of fire shining in Varleys scarf, and Bill nodded again.


      "Ah, I know your meaning. But if I love you, profoundly, abidingly, consumingly--as I do, Anna Callender, as I do!--and am glad to pledge my soul to you knowing perfectly that you have nothing to confess to me--"


      "Fred! Fancy Flora Valcour with that smile!"