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      I, too, loved her, he said, simply.

      He sighed at the destruction of his unreasonable hope.

      I dont knowand I dont care! said Esmeralda, with fine indifference. May I have some more pudding?

      Varley said nothing. He felt that if Esmeralda were to die, it mattered little whose fault it was; the burden of her death would lie upon hisVarleyssoul forever.

      Of course, there was the steward, Helby; and a housekeeper, who was a great deal more stately than the late duchess had been; and a butler, to say nothing of a groom of the chambers, and other high and lofty functionaries. But this girl, five feet nothing, and with little soft, mousey ways, ruled like a queen over them all. Her word, spoken in the softest of voices, was law from one end of the vast place to the other; and never was law more wisely administered. The duke was extremely fond of her, and when he occasionally waxed obstinate, after the manner of old men, Lilias was the only person who had any influence over him. Between Trafford and herself there existed a very deep and strong affection. They regarded each other as brother and sister; and it was to Trafford, whom she admired and almost reverenced, that she turned when in want of advice and assistance.Good-bye, Ralda, good-bye! shouted the men in voices hoarse with grief and excitement.



      Anybodys house afire? inquired another.The sound of laughter came from the dining-room; it sounded in Esmeraldas ears like open mockery. She put her hand to her head, and then covered her eyes. Surely she must be dreaming. Yes, that was it. She was asleep, and this was a nightmare, not reality. But Traffords voice awakened her to a sense of the reality. She was awake, and it was Lady Ada and Trafford who were in the room there.


      "And your sister and her husband? They were as ready with their lies as you were," he exclaimed bitterly.She passed into the drawing-room as she spoke.