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      "Well, I promise," said Blanche unwillingly. "Who was it?"

      Si had been watching it for some time. At length he said:"What in the name of General Jackson are you doing, you measly idiot! Who ordered you to load and fire your piece?"

      She opened it and feigned to read. At first he made believe to ignore the balance of the contents of the bag, and sat there as if awaiting her pleasure. But he was uneasy. His feet moved; his hands twitched. Finally as Pen showed no signs of losing interest in her sheet, he picked up another paper and opened it with hands that trembled a little.Si felt at that moment as though he was of no account for anything, unless it was to be decked with paint and feathers and stood for a sign in front of a cigar store.

      "What are you to report for?" asked a member of the staff, standing near. "The General is very busy now, and can see no one. Who ordered you to report?"

      "Let's see! Blouseblousetake off the 'b' 'n' she spells l-o-u-s-e, louse! Great Scott, Shorty, is that a louse?"

      "Who are you, and where did you come from?" asked Si, starting the man up the road toward the post."But I must be allowed to play my own hand," he insisted.


      "What do you want?" he demanded.Later she was moving about the house setting things to rights and always planning, planning, when she heard a musical deep-toned ship's whistle from the riverthe whistle of a stranger in those waters. She ran to the front windows and beheld a big yacht coming in from the bay. She was as slim and sheer as a pickerel with a piratical rake to her masts and funnel. The morning sun showed up her mahogany upper-works as red as blood, and dazzlingly picked out her polished brasses. A beauty! An anchor was let go with a mighty rattling of chain, and the yacht slowly came about in the stream.


      "Off and on. I've had troubles of my own."