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      She was gone. That page of his life was closed for ever. And now he had but one purpose and one desireto settle his account with the scoundrel who had destroyed her. He had waited till she was at rest: and now the long agony of waiting was over. Nothing could touch her more; and he was free to bring her seducer to book.Mrs. Crowther was sorry to lose Isola as a friend and protge. Her daughters were furious at the slight implied in this gradual dropping away. They passed Mrs. Disney and her sister-in-law with their noses in the air, as they went from the church-porch to their carriage. They cut them ostentatiously if they met on the quiet country roads. Mrs. Crowther would still stop to speak and shake hands, albeit she urged no further invitations.

      Oh, my lady! she murmured, I was thinking that the black lace of Worths

      So you are, my dear, said Lady Wyndover, with her languid smile. Better than a circusfar better!

      Well, you see, he said, slowly, you are growing up; you will marry some dayHer only answer was to bend her head down to kiss the hands that clasped her own.

      And how are you getting on with your studies? he asked.


      "This is not home!" she cried piteously.


      Mr. Pinchook has brought us good news, Ralda. Your grandfather was a rich manvery rich; he has left you all his money. So that you are now richvery rich.[181]


      Look after your mistress, Barker, Trafford said; and the delighted Barker bowed, and said: