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      Will you not let me put it right for you? he asked.

      I make only one condition, he said. You can guess that?

      "You went, and you were lost."How blind men are! Do you think that, with all her innocence, she is ignorant of the worth of a dukedom? No girl out of her teens can be. But I beg your pardon; I would not dispel the delusion.

      Trafford did not like to turn back, for he was as uncertain about the other road as he was concerning this, and it occurred to him that the track must lead somewhere, so he put the horse to a trot and rode on. After covering some miles, the track mounted a hill to escape a torrent, and then, to Traffords disappointment, dipped down again toward the valley.[81]

      Esmeralda looked round to see who my lady was, then started to realize that it was herself, and she followed Barker up the narrow stairs, built and balustrated like a baronial staircase in miniature.Lord Blankyre was engaged for this waltz, and looked round in search of Lady Wyndover.

      The woman hesitated for a moment or two, then she went to the door and spoke to the man on guard there.

      She looked very lovely, and, strange to say, not at all anxious, though she still felt as if she would have preferred the dress to have contained a little more material in the bodice.Trafford extended his hand half imploringly, half defiantly.


      Oh, only a little affair with some Dogs Ear gentry, said the postman, drawing his sleeve across his mouth this time. I spose you thought you was never going to get your letters, eh, boys, seeing as Im a matter of six hours late? Seems to me as things is coming to a pretty pass when Dogs Ear takes to makin a target of her majestys mail.I CARROLLTON GARDENS


      I quite understand, he said. I honor you for your feeling this way; but I tell you there has been a mistake. I have come over to set it straight. I can explain everything to Esmeralda if you will take me to her.Miss Chetwynde! he said, under his breath.


      She laughed with a touch of bitterness, for which she was sorry a moment afterward. After all, it was the best use the money could be put to; it would amuse and gratify this old man who loved her for herself and not her millions.