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      She was silent for a minute or two, then she said:"What do I care for dinner on such a night as this; but, as a matter of plain truth, I must say that your new cook is a very bad substitute for Tabitha. Her soup was watery, her fish was greasy, her poultry is hardly eatable. If she has talents in any other line she is keeping them in reserve for another day. It may be that she excels in made-dishesa misfortune for me, as I never eat them."

      "Why should I?" replied Diva, with somewhat bitter emphasis; "hands heal quickly.""Not until it is too late, I fear," returned Bergan. "Since I cannot do it myself, I must beg you to go immediately to my Uncle Godfrey, and let him know that I am here, and ask him to come and see me at once, if possible. Tell him privately, so as not to startle anybody else," he added, with a thought of Carice; "and leave him to extend the information to whomsoever he pleases."

      She put her hand through Hulbert's arm, and led him away from the other two, sauntering slowly along beside the grassy bank.But Doctor Remy had fallen into a fit of thought. He merely answered the question by a nod; and very shortly, he left Bergan to his own reflections.

      Miss Thane looked down upon her, with a softness that Bergan had never before seen in her face, and which gave it a marvellous beauty. "I like whatever you like, child," she answered, evasively.


      "You are glad, are you not, Martin? You are as glad as I am?""Nor against any one, I hope," replied Carice, coaxingly. "Oh, uncle, ought not this long feud to cease?"


      There was a pause, then Varley Howard said in his slow, languid voice:


      "Never. Indeed, I am not quite sure that I ever heard of it," replied Bergan. "Is it usually counted among his works?"