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      "But why do you persist in adopting this attitude," demanded Gregg, in tones of frank disgust, "it is so frightfully reactionary.""You're not asking my permission?"

      Too muchee culio; allee same gongHowever, there was not the urgency for instant flight that Charlotte had thought there was; night fell; a whole regiment of our mounted infantry came silently up from the rear of the plantation and bivouacked without lights behind a quarter of a mile of worm-fence; our two wounded and three unharmed prisoners, or Miss Harper's, I should say, for it was in response to her entreaties that the latter had thrown down their arms, were taken away; the dead man was borne out; lights glowed in every room, the servants returned to their tasks, a maddening fragrance came from the kitchen, and the three nieces flitted everywhere in their benign activities, never discovering the hurt on my shoulder until everything else on earth had been discovered, and then--"Oh, Richard, Richard!" from Estelle, with "Reach-hard, Reach-hard!" from Ccile, and "Mr. Smith!" from Camille, as they bathed and bound it. At length a surgeon arrived, gave a cheering opinion of Ferry and of Charlotte, and scolded Harry savagely for the really bad condition of his hand. Then sounds grew few and faint, our lights went out, we lay down fully dressed, and nearly all of us, for a while, slept.

      His typewriter dared to say that! hissed Alice. Oh

      This was about as pleasant to Alice as the prodding of an exposed nerve. But she held on unshaken to the main point.

      "Maiden passing fair, turn away thine eyes! Turn away thine eyes ere my bosom burn,

      I almost leaped from the ground in consternation. My whole frame throbbed, my mouth fell open, my tongue was tied.Probably you met Miss Propert at the door, he said. She has been working at the catalogue, I find. How is Alice this morning? Have you seen her?


      TEMPLE OF HEAVEN. TEMPLE OF HEAVEN.Norah brought him over the typed letter.


      She got up too.They went up an avenue between two rows of trees, and right before them was the famous statue. It was indeed a grand work of art.