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      In the swamp where the seaplane crashed! shouted Sandy, complimenting Dick with a sound smack on his back.

      For a long minute Dick, Larry and Sandy stood in a compact group, feeling rather stunned by the sudden springing of the trap, as they considered the closed hangar.During the Session of 1764 Grenville imposed several duties on American articles of export, if imported direct from the French, Dutch, and Spanish West Indies. The Americans did not dispute the right of the mother country to impose such duties on the trade of the empire in any quarter; but these imposts, seeing the object of them, were not the less galling. But Grenville did not stop there; he stated, at the time of passing these duties, that it was probable that Government would charge certain stamp duties in America. This was creating a sore place and immediately striking it. The infatuated Minister was contemplating an act of the nature of which neither he nor his colleagues had any conception.

      With his glasses, Dick could observe and indicate any change of direction or any other maneuver.

      Felipa did not answer.

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      "Like as not," Cairness agreed.



      Whyuhhello, Jeff!